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During liberation period 8 stamps printed and issued on 29th July 1971 by The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. An official First day cover was issued from Mujibnagar as well as another First day cover in different colour issued from Bangladesh embassy in U.K.
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During liberation period 8 stamps printed and issued on 29th July 1971 by The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. An official First day cover was issued from Mujibnagar as well as another First day cover in different colour issued from Bangladesh embassy in U.K.

After victory, on 20th December the same 8 value stamps issued from Dhaka GPO without any printed First day cover. However, a new first day cancellation issued to cancell stamps on that day on blank covers. These 8 stamps officially was regular stamps for the purpose of postage as well as revenue.

All of these 8v stamps were overprinted "Bangladesh Liberated" both in English & Bengali, but only 3 value( Rs.10.- Rs.5.- 50p) was supplied at the time of issue and put on sale from Dhaka GPO on 20th December, 1971 as 1st commemorative stamps. So remaining 5 value was not issued by Bangladesh post office. There were no official FD cover for these 3 value.

A few days later, a set of 15 stamps with different value from 1p to Rs.5 with three designs of earlier 8 value found in the philatelic market of Europe and America. It was known that those were the first definitive stamps of Bangladesh, supposed to be released on February 1st, 1972. But the Postal Authority did not accept these as prepayment of postage. ("Bangladesh Disowns 15 DEFINITIVES 'issued' by agency on FEB.1...ref. Linn's, June 26, 1972 issue.)

In this way finally these 5 value, which is listed in scott catalogue no.10,11,12,13,14 and other 15 (three diff design) stamps with new currency remain unissued since the beginning.


The quantity of these 11 stamps was not sufficient to meet public demand of a new nation and there was a good stock of Pakistan stamps. Due to lack of easy and prompt communication, recall of the stamps for overprinting from printing presses was not a practical proposition. On the other hand, for obvious political and sentimental reasons, it was not felt possible to continue the use of the previous regime's stamps without any alternation. Considering these, post office gave order to use these stocks of Pakistan stamps by overpring locally "Bangladesh" by respective post offices. But no specific word or design or colour mentioned.

So finally postmaster of individual post offices make their own rubber seal. In few case more than one type used by same post office as well as in different ink colour depend on availability.

Postal stationery also used with rubberprint. In many case the different types of rubberprint was used for postal stationery of Pakistan.

Stamps of pakistan used with out rubber print also. There were stock of last definitives manly. So 1p to 90p and 1re. to 5re. was commonly used. Due to variation of stock quantity of these, high value stamps are scarce now. Few early stamps of Pakistan was also used on covers or mint mainly for philatelic interest. Rubber print on stamps of Pakistan (first 19 value, overprint on India) exist, but this should not be used because this was only valid till 1949.

Pressprint on Pakistan stamp found, probably used during December 1971. According to my opinion this was a result of philatelic interest and forgery of these may exist.

It was found from the covers used with rubberprint stamps during 1972 that Govt. offices as well as private offices used their own rubber seal in many case. Specially by the Govt. offices where the design/types are totally different from post offices. Until the issue of regular stamps (14 value) on 30th April, 1973, these rubberprint stamps was on use. However use of rubberprint postal stationery was continue for few more months.

As a new nation local collector and dealers were not aware about provisional items. Now many forgery/fake found on market and difficult to identify the genuine one because no list or catalogue so far prepared from Bangladesh.

At that time Mr. Charles. W. Drake (USA) contribute his time and money towards collection of provisional stamps unused as well as on covers. He prepared a lot of covers with available provisional stamps from different post office in Bangladesh. A correct list done by Mr. Charles W. Drake. We have no record of any books published by Mr. Charles W. Drake except few articles published in local philatelic Magazine and in APS during 1974 until 2001 when he show his list on provisional issues during 1972-1974 used in Bangladesh. But i believe maximum number of collector yet have no idea about the works done by Mr. Charles.W.Drake

But the wellknown list is made in Germany by a collector which in time called as "TORNOW'S LIST". The list was prepared on the basis of his collection . His study covers mint, postal stationery and used on covers. Till this time These are the best guides for new collector of this provisional stamps of Bangladesh.
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