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mediabdcom, help, abbreviations, stamps, bangladesh, online auction, Postal history, Postal stationery, online shop, collection, philately, philatelic, articles, links, theme, thematic, topical, store Help Abbreviations. Here is the list of abbreviations that is use in this website. Online shop for stamps, postal history covers, postal stationery. Topical covers and stamps. Bangladesh new issue information. Online auction.
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Help :: Abbreviations Need Help ??? Then Click Here
Here is the list of abbreviations that is use in this website.
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Total 33 abbreviations found.
A - E
AAS - All About Stamp
AF - Almost Fine
BKS - Broken Set
CANC - Cancelled
EST - Eastern Standard Time
EUC - Excellent Used Condition
FDC - First Day Cover
F - J
FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions with answers.
FB - Feedback
FC - Fine Condition
GBP - Great Britain Pounds
GC - Good Condition
HTML - HyperText Markup Language.
IE - Internet Explorer
ISP - Internet Service Provider
K - O
MLH - Mint Lightly Hinged
MNH - Mint Never Hinged
MNT - Mint in perfect condition.
P - T
PC - Postcard
PM - Priority Mail
PMK - Post Mark
PPC - Picture Postcard
PST - Pacific Standard Time
S/O - Sold Out
SF - Small Faults
SIG - Signature
TM - Trademark
U - Z
UNP - Unpaid Item
URL - Uniform Resource Locator. The address that identifies a web site.
USPS - United States Postal Service
VF - Very Fine Copy
VFC - Very Fine Condition
VHTF - Very Hard To Find
A - EF - JK - OP - TU - Z
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