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Kankalini Mai
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December 1st, 2010 Nepal 2010-12-01
Country : Nepal
Date of Issue : December 1st, 2010
Type : Official
Denomination : 7.00 Rs
Color : Multicolor
Topic(s) : Religions, Architecture
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FDC Stationary Value : 5.00 Rs

Kankalini Mai is one of the religious and historically important famous temple, located in northen side of east-west Mahendra Highway at the bank of Koshi River in Vardaha V.D.C. of eastern terai district Saptari of Nepal. This temple is taken as one of the main Shaktipitha (Symbol of power) of Nepal, which is made in pagoda style features.

The temple itself is established as a pillar of religious belief, historical significance, special cultural identity and fine art. Main temple and inner part of the temple are highly decorated with image of different God and Goddesses. In inner part of temple there is a beautiful Mandapa made from brass in front of which in a western side attractive stone sculpture of Bigraha Ganeshji, Kankalini Mai and Bhagabati with Eight hands are placed there . These three stone image are taken as a three different forms of single power or energy and do regular worship daily and special worship in Vijaya Dashami as a Saktipitha with Baidhik ritual (a religious procedure of worship).

According to one of the popular religious story in an ancient time at the place of present temple the Devi Bhagabati show forms of Kalika as a Kankal (skeleton form) to kill the Raktabij ( a kind of Giant) who give tremendous trouble to the Devata (God and Goddesses). So she was know as Kankalini Mai and later the temple was established with her name. This form of "Devi" is a "Tamasi" form (who eat meat) so there need of "Bali" (a religious tradition to kill animal) to please her. On the belief of this fact a thousand of buffalo, goat and other animals are killed as a Bali. A thousand of internal and neighbor indian religious people do visit annually of this famous Shaktipitha.

To realize religious and historical significance of this temple The Postal Services Department of Nepal issue this commemorative Postage stamp depicting icon of Kankalini Mai and its temple.