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Maru Ganesh
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December 1st, 2010 Nepal 2010-12-01
Country : Nepal
Date of Issue : December 1st, 2010
Type : Official
Denomination : 7.00 Rs
Color : Multicolor
Topic(s) : Religions, Architecture
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FDC Stationary Value : 5.00 Rs

Maru Ganesh is one of the historical as well as religiously important. Ganesh among the four famous Binayak named Ganesh in Kathmandu valley. This historical temple is located in south west corner of ancient Hanuman Dhoka Darbar area which is listed in world heritage, at the east of Kasthamandup Temple. It is also known as Ashok Binayak. It is difficult to find about historical fact of its establishment, however, it is renovated in 1850A.D.

The foremost feature of this temple is that, there is no Gajur. According to one of the popular fable, there was a Jungle at the place of present Hanuman Dhoka Durbar area where people found stone image of Ganesh then those people made temple to establish that one but the Ashok tree nearby create obstacle to put Gajur so, it is called Ashok Binayak and latter also people unable to keep Gajur in the temple on their several attempt, hence it became a temple without Gajur. The stone statue of this temple is covered by statue of brass in every Tuesday and by silver statue in Dashain festival. The metal statue of this temple is wondering in street (tradional roote of Kathmandu city) of main city with traditional music at the time of Asthami, Vijaya Dashami and Ekadasi of Dashain festival. Especially this Maru Ganesh is worship to start any religious works like Marriage, Upanayan etc.

To realize the historical and religious significance of this temple The Postal Services Department of Nepal issue this commemorative postage stamp depicting