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Mahasthabir Bhikkchu Amritananda (1918-1990)
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December 7th, 2010 Nepal 2010-12-07
Country : Nepal
Date of Issue : December 7th, 2010
Type : Official
Denomination : 10.00 Rs
Color : Multicolor
Topic(s) : Buddha, Personalities, Religions, Architecture
Topic(s) : Buddha, Religions, Architecture
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FDC Stationary Value : 5.00 Rs

Monk (Bhikkchu) Amritananda played leading role to establish Esthabirbada Buddism in Nepal. He was born in Bhimsen Tol of Palpa, Tansen of Lumbini zone in 1918 AD. He was the elder son of father Hirakahi Shakya and mother Tikamaya Shakya. His childhood name was Lalkaji Shakya. He became pessimistic after demise of his parents in the age of 10 years old.

To observe his pessimistic behavior form childhood his uncle Motikazi Shakya did his marriage with Harimaya in 1992 B.S. There was no any change in his behavior in married life also hence, he would prabrajit (enlighten) in Buddhism by Chandramani Mahasthabir in 1936 B.S After prabrajit in Buddhism he would involved himself to do significant contribution in education, health, religion and culture of nepali society through Buddha religion. He did notable effort to return back Bauddha Bhikkchu in Nepal who were exile from country by Rana ruler Juddha Shamsher. King Tribhuban expressed high concern to Bauddha Bhikkchu in his co-ordination. He had played important role to held fourth World Buddha Summit in Nepal in 1956 B.S.. He established Anandakuti Biddhya Pitha. He wrote Girihasthiharu-3 vol, Bhrahmadidev -3 vol, pretkatha etc. He had did visit to China, Russia, Magnolia, Australia, Germany, Egypt, Srilanka etc. to promote Buddhism.

He has been awarded from Nepal Shasan Sovas Shree Dharmaan Chhit Bansalrakar in 1955 AD, Gorakha Dakshinbahu in 1968 AD, Sahitya Chhakrawoti in 1976 AD, Biddhyabaridhi (PhD) in 1976 AD and Tripitak. Bisharad Sasan Jotak in 1984 AD.

He was passed away in 1990 AD .

To honor his personality, creation and religious contribution The Postal Services Department of Nepal issue this commemorative Postage stamp depicting his portrait.