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Native Postmarks
Kathmandu Birgunj Bethari Kanchanpur Gulmi Tamghas
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June 13th, 2011 Nepal 2011-06-13
Country : Nepal
Date of Issue : June 13th, 2011
Type : Commemorative
Denomination : 1.00 Rs., 1.00 Rs., 2.00 Rs., 2.00 Rs., 3,00 Rs
No. of Stamp in Set : 5
No. of Stamps in Each Sheet : 50
Total Quantity : Kanchanpur=1.5 Million, Other 1 million each
Size : 42.5x31.4 mm
Paper : Securirt Printing Paper With Fibre
Color : 4 Colour With Phosphor Print
Process of Printing : Offset Lithography
Printer : Cartor Securirt Printing , France
Designer : Mohan N. Rana
Post Office Issued : Array
Topic(s) : Stamps On Stamps
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