Litterateur Bhairab Aryal (1993-2033 B.S.)
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Litterateur Bhairab Aryal (1993-2033 B.S.)
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December 1st, 2010 Nepal 2010-12-01
Country : Nepal
Date of Issue : December 1st, 2010
Type : Commemorative
Denomination : 5.00 Rs
No. of Stamp(s) in Set : 1
No. of Stamps in Each Sheet : 50
Total Quantity : 0.5 Million
Size : 31.5x42.5 mm
Paper : Security Stamp Paper With Fiber
Color : Four Color With Phosphor Print
Process of Printing : Offset Lithography
Printer : Cartor Security Printing, France
Designer : Mohan N. Rana
Topic(s) : Literature, Personalities, Books
Type : Official
Denomination : 10.00 Rs
Color : Multicolor
Topic(s) : Literature, Personalities, Books
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FDC Stationary Value : 5.00 Rs

One of the leading person of irony field of Nepali literature senior ironist late Bhairab Aryal was born in Kupondole, lalitpur in 1993 B.S. on the lap of father Homnath Aryal and mother Khemkumari Aryal. He had did sahityaratna, Matric in Sanskrit and M.A. in Nepali from Tribhuvan University.

Multitalent figure late Aryal in spite of literature composition he had also involved himself in journalism and teaching profession. His first creation poetry Naya Jivan was published on Prativa Patrika in 2009 B.S. He did his creation in Nepali irony field through poetry, story , short story, essay etc . In spite of these he also did contribution on editing translation and analysis of different renowned articles and books. Ke Ke Yo ? Giti Kabya 2016, Upabon Kabita Sangraha, 2018, Rastiya Aahawan Laghukapya 2018, Kaukuti Hansyabyangya Nibandha Sangraha 2019, Galabandi Hansyabyangya Nibandha Sangraha 2026, Jayabhudi Hansyabyangya Nibandha Sangraha 2022 , Itishree Hansyabyangya Nibandha Sangraha 2028, Dasawatar Hansyabyangya Nibandasangraha 2033, Parbeshika Nibandha Sangraha 2063 are some of his famous published creation.

Reputed ironist, editor and analyst Bhairab Aryal was passed away in Gokarna, Kathmandu in 2033 B.S.

To honor the renowned literary figure of Nepali irony field late Bhairab Aryal and his valuable contribution in Nepali literature The Postal Services Department of Nepal issue this commemorative postage stamp depicting his portrait.