Celebrating 400 Years of Capital Dhaka Sheetlet
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Celebrating 400 Years of Capital Dhaka Sheetlet. Online shop for stamps, postal history covers, postal stationery. Topical covers and stamps. Bangladesh new issue information. Online auction.
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Celebrating 400 Years of Capital Dhaka Sheetlet - [Out of Stock]
4v x 4 Sets
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Price : 5.99 US$
Country : Bangladesh
Year : 2010
Item Condition : Mint
Catalogues # Media# 950S
Theme(s)/Topic(s) : Animals, Architecture, Clock, Elephant, Fauna, Lakes & Rivers, Railway, Train
Bangladesh : Celebrating 400 Years of Capital Dhaka Sheetlet (4v x 4 Sets) MNH 2010.

1) 4 x Mughal Dhaka - Bara Katra (The Great Katra)
2) 4 x Brithish Dhaka - Buriganga River and Buckland Bund
3) 4 x Dhaka in Pakistan Period - Kamlapur Railway Station
4) 4 x Dhaka 2008 - A View of Dhaka City
Item Specification
Date of Issue : June 16th, 2010 | Type : Commemorative | Denomination : 10.00 TK x 4 = 40.00 TK | No. of Stamp in Set : 4 | No. of Stamp in Each Sheet : 16 Stamps / 4 Sets | Size : 32x42 mm | Size of Sheetlet : 192 m.m x 158 m.m | Perforation : 12.5 | Color : Multicolor | Process of Printing : Offset | Printer : The Security Printing Corporation (bangladesh) Ltd., Gazipur | Designer : K.g. Mustafa | Post Office Issued : Dhaka Gpo, Chittagong Gpo, Rajshahi Gpo, Khulna Gpo, + All Head Post Offices (h.o.)
1) Mughal Dhaka - Bara Katra (The Great Katra):

Bara Katra is an architectural relic of Dhaka City and perhaps the most magnificent Mughal edifice of Bangladesh which has monumental central archway. It is situated to the south of Chawk Bazar close to the Bank of the River Buriganga. The Katra is enclosed by a quadrangular courtyard with 22 rooms. In the north and south side of the Katra, there are two gateways. The two Persian inscriptions on the Katra confirm that Shah Suja gave the building to Mir Abul Quasim to be used as Katra.

2) Brithish Dhaka - Buriganga River and Buckland Bund:
Buriganga River is a tide-influenced river passing through west and south of Dhaka City. It is originated from the Dhaleshwari (one course of the Ganges) near Kalatia. This river is only 27 km long and has average width and depth of 400m and 10m respectively. The Buriganga is of great economic importance to Dhaka. The Buckland Bund is an embankment on the northern bank of the River Buriganga among the southern front of Dhaka. It was constructed in 1864 under a scheme undertaken by the Divisional Commissioner C . T Buckland. The embankment was fortified with stone, and the top laid with bricks.

3) Dhaka in Pakistan Period - Kamlapur Railway Station:
The Dhaka Railway Station from the congested Phulbaria area to Kamlapur was started in late 1950s. The Kamlapur Railway Station is the main Railway Station of Dhaka City. The station was opened with traffic on 1 May 1968. The station building is an important modern architectural specimen of Dhaka.

4) Dhaka 2008 - A View of Dhaka City:
A partial view of Dhaka City along with the official buiiding of Dhaka City Corporation. In 1983, the old Dhaka Municipality was renamed as Dhaka City Corporation. Under an ordinance, the Dhaka City Corporation was made an autonomous body by the Government reserving the right to intervene in its affairs. It has been entrusted with great responsibility of serving a large metropolis with a population more than one crore. Its function includes public health, water supply and drainage, matters related to food and drink, animals, construction and maintenance of roads, street lighting, street watering, public safety, maintenance of parks and gardens and forests, education, culture, social welfare and general development of the city.
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